What is your current pilot certificate?

Do you have an instrument rating?

Are you a flight instructor?

How long have you been a pilot?

How many hours did you fly in the last year?

Do you own an airplane?

Do you fly VFR or IFR more often?

Overall, how would you rate your proficiency with the iPad and aviation apps?

What model iPad do you fly with most often?

What app do you use most often?

Do you use datalink weather on your tablet?

How do you mount your tablet in the airplane?

What do you use for backup to the iPad in flight?

In the last year, have you ever had any of the following problems on your primary iPad?

What kind of articles on iPad Pilot News are most valuable (drag options to rank from most valuable to least valuable)?
  • EFB app tips (detailed articles on ForeFlight features, etc.)
  • Tips on accessories (ADS-B receivers, kneeboards, screen protectors)
  • New app reviews
  • General iPad tips (how to use screenshots, battery tips, etc.)
  • Quizzes and interactive articles
  • Top 10 lists and app roundups
  • Videos and webinars

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What's one thing that would improve your overall iPad experience (app feature, iPad accessory, question you need answered)?